Need help with best method to retrieve multiple records

I’m very new to the web services arena, so pardon my ignorance. What is the best method to retrieve more than 1 record from a subprogram to a Web Service?

Here it is broken down:
I have an application which is working 3 tables, work order, parts, and labor. The key field is order number. The work order table would have 1 record, and the parts and labor tables could have 0 to many. I have successfully created Natural subprograms and web services to handle single record CRUD, now I’m looking for how to retrieve multiple records from the parts and labor tables.

Is this best handled with arrays, or another method? If by another method besides an array would someone have an example of an IDL and WSDL file?

I suggest to use variable sized arrays.

We are in the process of upgrading from EntireX 6 to 7.2.3. It was my understanding that variable length arrays are not supported in 6, is that true? Are they supported in version 7.2.3?

Variable length arrays have been actually introduced with EntireX 6.1. But this functionality is independent of the Broker version, it’s only relevant in the RPC Client and RPC Server.

I assume you have VSE because you are upgrading to 7.2.3.

For the Workbench part I would recommend to use version 8.0; 7.2 is out of support on the Windows/Unix platforms.