SOAP and TN (delivery and receive)


We want to exchange SOAP data with an partner. We want all B2B integrations to go through Trading Network. We don’t have much experience with SOAP.

We are currently running on webMethods 6.01.

What is best practices? Should we create a custom “SOAP delivery service”? Should TN recognize the XML we want to send and build the SOAP message? Or should we build the SOAP message before TN (in the model) and let TN handle the SOAP message as an XML? How do we handle the SOAP Response in a custom delivery service?

What is best practice? Should TN extract the XML from SOAP and forward the XML message? Or should we forward the whole SOAP message to the IS? Our partner want to post the SOAP message to us, and expects and HTTP 406 message if the SOAP content is missing.

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Frode F. Larsen.


Outbound - create a custom delivery service that creates and sends your soap message from the data in the BizDoc. Your partner would need to implement a soap service to receive the message you send and return a soap response containing the equivalent of a functional acknowledgement.

Inbound - You can create a Flow service and expose it as a document/literal web service to receive an incoming soap request from your partner and either send the entire message to TN’s routeXML or extract the payload of the soap message body and send only that to TN.



Thanks Mark,

I use routeXml to send the XML document to TN. It works fine and TN recognize the xml document. But TN does not recognize sender and reciver. This information is not in the XML, so i provide it with the TN_param document. But TN does not extract this information.

How can TN recognize sender and receiver when this information is not in the XML?



NOTE: Modified 2006-06-26 17:06CET
Disregard this post. The XML i received from the other developers was incomplete… I now have information about sender/receiver in the XML and I will use this info to extract sender/receiver in TN.