SMTP service error while sending word doc attachments

Have you checked the MIMETYPES file located on the IntergrationServer6.01/lib folder, whether that file has application/msword setting included?


I helive you are using IS6.01 server,then “application/msword” setting is there by default located in webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\mime.types (TYPES file).Any way please make sure this setting at your side.
I believe this is the only configuration settings place to check for a new content-types to accept.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, mime.types file contains application/msword mime type. Do I have to do anything else? please let me know your comments. Are you able to send emails with attachments?


I haven’t experienced anytime sending of worddocuments via SMTP, but i believe that particular content-type setting should allow the send email successfully in 6.01.(since these settings allow flatfiles/excelfiles… process email successfully).

As a last chance, please contact tech support.


First place,Encoding is not required.content-type “text/xml” should work fine.


I’m not sure how you are obtaining your XML document. If you are reading it from the file system using the pub.file:getFile service you may be setting the “loadAs” parameter to “stream” instead of “bytes”.

If you load the document from the file system as a byte array, you can convert it to a string using the pub.string:bytesToString service. You can then map the resulting string into the content variable inside the attachments recordList of the pub.client:smtp service. I set the contentType to “text/xml” and provided a filename to use for the attachment.

My working example looks like this:


Mark Carlson
Conneva, Inc.

Hi Mark Carlson,
Thank you very much for that info. It worked. My mistake was that I did not set the “content” object at all, I just set the “filename” with a valid full path of an existing file in my system. I was under the impression that my local file would be picked up automatically.

Thanks a lot again,