SMTP Integration Message Validation

Case: The application is integrated using SMTP integration with one of our customers. Customers send email message with an xml message attached. The WebMethod reads this email attachment and parses for DTD validity.

Problem: We need to have a check in place which checks for the message. It checks IF the message attached in the email is of type: .xml.
If YES it parses it.
If NO it deleted the message.

Is this functionality possible in WebMethods.
If YES what are the different approach for that.

Appreciate your help.

I dont think it is possible directly in the Email port side,but in your receiving service do a check on filename IF (.xml) and then process it.Get the filename thing using getTransportInfo service.


Thanks for the help. But we are new to WebMethods so I would really appreciate if you can be a bit elaborate. Can you list down exactly what procedures we need to follow.


Please see the IS Builtin service guide regarding this service pipeline outputs “pub.flow:getTransportInfo”. For testing purpose in your Email receiving service put a savepipeline after this service

savepipeline (later restorepipeline to examine the Email/filename value)

Once you have the fileaname you do a Branch condition step and check if ext is .xml or not using tokenize or substring functions and put your condition logic for example:

Branch on (ext)
If ext=.xml
—process the file
ignore processing…