Slow response time when running Natural 4.27 under CICS TS V51

When upgrading one of our CICS regions to CICS TS V51, the users keep complaining about slow response time and it looks like external waits for ADABAS are causing the problem in a few transactions. Things work with CICS TS V32, Natural 4.2.7, ADABAS V744. First we tried CICS TS V51 using ADABAS V744 and just a fix for Natural to use CICS V5. When that got the response time problems, we tried it with ADABAS v824 and got the same results. We have other regions running CICS v5 and ADABAS V744 with no reported problems (“reported” being the operative word). I do not have any clear documentation such as dumps and traces to send to either Software AG or IBM since we had to back out fast 2 times.
Has anyone experienced similar problems or know about anything that might be causing long waits for ADABAS service when running CICS TS V51?