Natural 8.2.2 with Cics ts 5.2

Hi Everybody,
Is anyone have experience at conextion cics ts 5.2 with natural 8.2.2 ?

I am getting problem at comp/lked of module NCIROOT to recognize CICS’s new version.

Thanks in advance

This should be automatic that it checks the CICS version you are linking to and blocks it if the CICS version is not compatible with the NCI version.

I believe that is the problem you are facing. Natural 8.2.2 is compatible with CICS TS 3.1, 3.2 and 4.1. For CICS TS 5.2, you must use Natural 8.2.5.

I had similar abends when trying to load Natural 8.2.4 in an old CICS version that was not supported.

You can check various compatibility requirements in any version of Natural’s Release Notes under Supported Environments.