Signal 11, db down when querying a schema with Xtension


I defined a onProcess extension on the root element. Works fine when storing information in Tamino. Data is stored and the Xtension is executed.
As soon as I launch a query for the documenttype that has the Xtension defined the database dies with a signal 11. Anyone an idea what can cause this. It happens both in Tamino 4.1.4 as 4.1.1

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Marcel

I can’t imagine that the signal 11 can be caused by an map-in function (onProcess), because it is called on process only. But to retrieve the stored data, there should be a map-out function (onCompose) as well. To be complete, there should also be an onDelete mapping and an event function.

Most likely the onCompose function causes the crash, you should have a look at it. If you can’t see any reason for a crash, please give more information on the infrastructure you use (Java/COM/direct), the mapping function and the schema.

Best regards

Julius Geppert
Software AG