database crashes


our tamino-server runs well if it runs, but sometimes (~ every 1-2 days) our Database crashes unexpected with “signal 11”.

As explained in this forum I saved the XXXinosrv.txt before restart.
This is what it says:
Start writing SAGSMP dump, writing to file F:\tamino\dataspace/SAGSMP.A.001.11-45-33
Dump of SAGSMP finished
Database server started
Server session 115 started
Tamino server successfully started
Database EZ Session 115 (Tamino server on Windows NT)
Exception c0000005 at pc = 0x197085eb
access violation while reading at address 2e3b6c38
Eax=2e3b6c24 Ebx=00000000 Ecx=00000001 Edx=00000000
Esi=2e3b5c34 Edi=00000000
Eip=197085eb Esp=2b54bdc4 Ebp=2b54be90 EFlags=00010206
SegCs=0000001b SegSs=00000023 SegDs=00000023 SegEs=00000023
SegFs=00000038 SegGs=00000000
Dr0=00000000 Dr1=00000000 Dr2=00000000 Dr3=00000000
Dr6=00000000 Dr7=00000000
Unexpected signal 11 received
Start writing crash dump of database, writing to file F:\tamino\dataspace\Tamino.AAH.11-45-16
Crash dump of database finished
Start writing XML dump of database, writing to file F:\tamino\dataspace\Tamino.AAH.11-45-38.xml
XML crash dump of database finished
Stop of database successfully initiated - server is going down now
Terminated with errors

We are running a large Website on this database and except from these sudden and unpredictable crashes everything works fine.
I have no idea where to start debugging.

Thanks, Frank

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Hi Frank, please report this to your local Software AG customer support. The version of Tamino you are using is little old now and a preference would be v3.1.2.1.


Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.