Sign document using .p12 Private key

Hi All, We had a requirement where we need to sign the document using our private key which is in p12 format and send it to the partner. This can be done using TN (but we have to convert the keys from .p12 format to .der format).
But we need to send the document using http service and therefore we cannot use TN to sign that document.

Is there a way/service to sign that document in webMethods flow and sent it to the partner ??

There are some of the service under WmPKI package that can be used for signing MIME and PKCS7 document.

Appreciate all your help.
Thanks in advance.


So you need to add an XML digital signature to an XML document and then post that document to some external partner using pub.client:http. Is that right?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no built-in services, modules or samples that will do this for you.

You can build java services that leverage the Apache XML Security library to do this, but it is a non-trivial task.

Now, why is it that you can’t use TN?


Thanks Mark.
But what do you mean by XML digitial signature ??

I need to sign the document using private key that we have generated from our partner’s site. I guess it uses openssl.

Since we need to get a syncronous response back from our partner and we need to process that response, how this can be achived if we use TN preferred method for posting the documents ??

We need the http response body to capture the response. Is this doable using TN ??

Thanks again.

XML Digital Signature is the specification that describes how to add a digital signature to an xml document and verify that a signature in an existing document is valid. The Apache XML Security library provides classes to help with this.

Other useful links:



We’re sending raw EDI data to the VAN. We have a requirement to digitally sign the EDI document or message. Can this be accomplish using TN in an automated fashion?