Digitally signed AUTACK messages

We have a client whose bank has requested them to send digitally signed AUTACK messages accompanying any PAYMUL or other financial transactions. What options does webMethods bring to support signed EDI documents? I have seen references to TN signing XML and other documents but only at envelope level. If this functionality is not part of the wM stack, what recommendations could I get from the community as to a solution for preparing the signed AUTACK messages as part of a custom post-process?



If you are looking for EDI options then you can use EDIINT(AS2)message for transmitting the data with Signed/Encryption way.this makes data more secure and reliable.This process was used by widely used by banks,manufacturing,financial service sectors etc…

Please go thru the EDIINTUserguide for more information.

Also search in this site for EDINT related topics,you will see some good results.


Dear RMG,

the bank in question does not support EDIINT, hence the PAYMUL/PAYORD and AUTACK process. What other options do I have to prepare signed AUTACK messages?