I was trying to query thru the webMethods and update on the same region. When i give the input parameters it gives me the results but i cant update the records on the same.

I have verfied the field names, proper alias, proper fiedl permissions.

Any guesses ?

  • Ashish

I would take a look at the Business Component and field properties. Look for fields marked inactive, read-only, etc. Also look for multi-valued fields which may need to be treated differently. Another thing I’ve noticed is including an invalid field can sometimes also affect data visibility & results in the other fields. What version of Siebel and of the adapter are you using?

Thanks for the help.
I had already tried all the properties and fields are Active, Not mandatory, not Multi valued, not read only…

I m using Siebel 7.5.2 and siebel adpater 3.0 on integration server 4.6.

Is there any way to trace in object manager, or outside the webMethods but in the siebel enironment