UpDating a Schema

I am trying to update the user profile which is already registred.To do this i have wirten the following code.
I am calling a TaminoAPI thru the ActiveServerPAges.

newdoc.loadXML( )
set propelem = newdoc.documentelement
propid = cint(strIno)
dummy = propelem.setAttribute(“ino:id”, propid)
Set propnode = newdoc.firstChild
Set inosession = myTaminoU.StartSession(InoProtected, InoLockWaitDefault)
Set updateresult = myTaminoU.Process(propnode, myurl)
set upCommit = myTaminoU.commit()
set upResult=myTaminoU.insert(newdoc)
set upCommit=myTaminoU.commit()
set inoseesion=myTaminoU.endsession()
strResult=“Sucess fully updated”
it is working some times and it is not working some times.but allways showing the message "Sucess fully updated"
if any body can help me.please do it.

Your calls to the Tamino API return a TaminoResult object but you don’t check it for errors.

Try changing your code to something like this:

Set updateresult = myTaminoU.Process(propnode, myurl)
if (updateresult.errorNo) {

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