Problem with update query +(( vitelly neded

i have a problem with update Query

my schema:

				<xs:element name="info">
							<xs:element name="id" type="xs:string"/>
							<xs:element name="Name" type="xs:string"/>
							<xs:element name="Price" type="xs:string"/>
							<xs:element name="Category" type="xs:string"/>
							<xs:element name="Day_count" type="xs:string"/>
							<xs:element name="id_customer" type="xs:string"/>

my query:

<xapp:setvar default="" scope="session" name="queryID" value="update for $user in input()/Goods${FILTER}
	  do replace $user/info/id_customer with (<id_customer>7</id_customer>)"/>

<xapp:setvar name="FILTER" default="" scope="session" value="[/Goods/info/id='${goodid$}']"/>

when i try to execute query? error appeared +((

An error occurred in the application program. Please report the following problem to your webmaster.	 	
Error message: Exception when executing query : update for $user in input()/Goods${FILTER} do replace $user/info/id_customer with (7).	 	
Help message: Based on the query parameters X-Application created a query string. But, this string was not accepted by Tamino. Look at the message of the stack trace to find the reason of the problem.	 	
Exception id: 157	 	
Exception Type: DesignException 	 	


XException: id = 215 arg[0] = com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.plugin.StandardWorkspacePlugin.xqueryDocuments arg[1] = xquery
Nested Exception (com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.common.TAccessFailureException, tag: $Name: JavaTaminoAPI_4_1_2_41 $) stacktrace:

Tamino access failure (INOXQE6352, XQuery parsing error, Syntax Error at line 1, column 698: for $user in input()/Goods${FILTER}
  do replace $user/inf found "for" when expecting any of: "or", "and", "div", "mod", "*", "to", "intersect", "union", "except", "/", "//", "=", "is", "!=", "<=", "<<", ">=", ">>", "eq", "ne", "gt", "ge", "lt", "le", "< ", ">", "-", "+", "=>", "|", "(", "[", ")", "treat as", ",", "sort", "stable sort")
at com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.accessor.TAccessFailureVerifier.newAccessFailureException(

i don’t know what is the metter of this error ( this is my examenation work … please help me!
p.s. sorry for poor english+(

I don’t recognize the API you’re using, but it doesn’t look like it’s properly substituting the value for FILTER when generating the query string. You need to check the documentation for the API.