✍ Shared Drafts: Collaborate on posts before publishing

Shared drafts is a feature that appears to users of Senior member or higher. A shared draft is meant for topics where two or more members want to work on drafts together before publishing them.

Creating a Shared Draft

When creating a topic, click the reply icon on the top left of the composer, and choose Shared Draft:


Once selected, you can choose the destination where you’d like the topic published when it’s ready.

When it’s ready, click Create Shared Draft and your shared draft will be created!

Finding + Reviewing Shared Drafts

You can see a list of your shared drafts by visiting the section you chose. In the below example we are preparing a Shared draft in the Forums section.

As a bonus, you’ll also see your shared draft listed when browsing the section, above the regular topic list. This is an easy way to see what drafts are in progress:

Note that pending shared drafts will not be displayed in any ‘latest’ topic lists.

Publishing your Shared Draft

When you view your shared draft, you get a big control area at the top that allows you to publish it:

Once you click Publish Shared Draft the following will happen:

  • The topic will be published into the destination category
  • The timestamps of the topic will be changed to be the time of publishing
  • Any edit history on the first post will be removed

Please try out the new feature and let us know how it works!