"shallow" Function

I am using QUIP Version 2.1. Is the “shallow” function implemented yet? So far all I can get from it is the error message

Error: unknown function: 'shallow’

Also, is it correct that all I need do to uninstall earlier version(s) (ie, Quip 1.5) is to delete the directory where it is stored?


yes you are right in both cases:
1) the shallow function is not yet implemented.
But I think you can easily write it in XQuery:
define function shallow($el){
element {name($el)}{$el/@*}

BTW: Quip will give you a list of built-in
functions in the help menue.
(or if you specify a certain command line argument
for the quip.exe called from the command line)

2) Quip does not have any installation other than
unzipping the folder QuiP. So if you delete you
will have removed Quip almost entirely. Almost,
because since v 2.1.1 Quip writes a file quip.profiles in your 'Documents and settings
folder. This file contains your personal settings
from the options dialogue.

Sven Eric