functions not supported in Quip

We have some problems making queries in XQuery on Quip. For example we cannot use the positional variable “at” in for cycles…Why? We had had the same problem with fn:data(), fn:text()…and so on…Are there other functions not present in Quip???
Thank you for your reply


QuiP adheres to the XQuery draft published April 2002 which did not contain the ‘at’ clause in for expressions. W.r.t. functions, please refer to the respective F&O draft. As you noticed, QuiP does not implement all of these and, yes, data() is missing. text(), however, is not a function, but a node-test, please refer to the XPath draft for details. A function that converts items to text is string().


Hi Juliane, thx for you reply.
Can you tell us if Quip will be update to the last working draft?



Hi Paolo,

it is very uncertain at the moment whether QuiP will be update to the
last working draft. If you are looking for a tool implementing a more
recent state of XQuery you may, of course, try Tamino. Another XQuery
implementation (not a database though) that slightly resembles QuiP
and is fairly up-to-date is IPSI-XQ - The XQuery Demonstrator at