User defined XQUERY functions

I have a tricky problem where I need a user defined function (which actually also needs to be recursive). In QuiP this works, but not in Tamino.

In his presentation

of March 2003 Michael Kay mentions that user defined functions and recursive queries are not supported in Tamino 4.1.

  • Does anyone know if this is going to be changed in a near-future version?

  • Does anyone know of a different tool that supports this? QuiP is not really fun to work with, especially for server side applications; filesystem based is sufficient for my current needs, as I need a proof of concept implementation where time constraints are comparatively irrelevant. Maybe saxon?


Thorsten Trippel

You’ll have to wait a little for user-defined functions in Tamino, unfortunately. In answer to your question, yes, they are supported in Saxon. Of course Saxon only works on in-memory data and has a much simpler optimizer than Tamino because there are no indexes to use.

I am curious when will be User-defined function available? It seems other native XML database vendors already provide it. Without it, it’s very painful to write complex queries.