User-defined function support in Tamino 4.2.1?


Is user-defined function supported in the latest version? It’s a pain without UDF.


Tamino 4.2.1 supports user defined functions in XQuery in the form of server extension functions (query functions).



Hello Frankfish,

The handling of user-defined functions in the current version of Tamino v4.2.1 is supported in the way Harald described it.

For the future we plan to support user-defined functions in Tamino XQuery.
We are just to finish the implementation for this functionality in the next project for our Tamino Version planned in Y2005.
This support will allow to define user functions in the query prolog and using them in the following query implementation.

Therefore we ask you for your patience since our Software AG credo is to release product functionality only then when it is fully tested in a common QE cycle.

Thank you very much and
best regards