help ! where can i find example of code for QUIP


i’m a french student, and i have to find
example of code for QUIP.

Can you give me some URL?




Included with the QuiP download are plenty of XQuery examples under the examples directory. Is this what you are looking for or is it you are looking for an examples of using QuiP from Java? If so let me know and I will cut-and-paste a simple example I have.

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Stuart Fyffe-Collins
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I am looking for Quip Java APIs, but it doesn’t come with Quip: only simple function names mentioned, no details of the function explanation.

For example, in QuiP’s query result, there is always a root element quip:result. How can I remove it in the result?

And how can I set a default document path name instead to give the full path for every document queried?

Thanks a lot!


  1. Regarding the Java calls, these are described in the FAQ: QuiP\doc\quip_faq\q_and_a.htm and QuiP\examples\javaCalls. These are part of the download.

    2) Query result: Quip has an option “-unwrapped_result”, which might be what you are looking for. You can specify it in “Tools/Options/Further Options”.

    3) The document path to my knowledge is relative to the execution path.