SFTP user alias

We are using wM 10.5 version with IS_10.5_Core_Fix6 fix level.
[/wrap]I want to create a sftp user alias to connect to client server. They have shared user name and public key. I have created server alias and user alias by giving server, user and public key details. However, i’m getting below error, any advise.

Error: [ISS.0147.9011] Test of SFTP user alias __user failed. Details: EOF received from remote side


Can someone please provide some info. Thank you.

Hi Anil,
From the error “EOF received from remote side”, this appears to be a problem on the server side. At the time of this error have you checked if the server is reachable ? And the process responsible for SFTP is running?


Thanks Nagendra.
I could able to connect to server from my machine using telnet command but unable to connect from IS server.


If telnet works from your machine, but fails from the IS, then perhaps -

  1. The IS IP is not whitelisted on the server side (your machine probably is on the VPN network)
  2. Compare the key algorithms, cipher suites, etc., between local IS vs remote server

There are a few hits I find online (link) for your error message; it’s not related to product/functionality, but configuration.


Thanks Kasi for your inputs.

Yes, partner has white listed our IP. how to compare key algorithms. I see in our IS admin page, we have many ? which one should we opt ? should we select which is selected by partner system ?

BR, Anil.

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