sftp get service to get large file size

Hello All,

Need your inputs here please.

Using sftp:cd service i am moving to the specified directory and listing down all the files using sftp:ls as a result getting directory list ( document list ) as output. In the directory list there is an variable by name filesize. When the file size is large we have faced issues in production while fetching.
Is there any limitation/criteria to get the large file size using service pub.client.sftp:get or how can we handle to get the large files from the directory


Hi Sandy,

please provide your IS version with Fix Levels (esp. SCG_TPL Fix).

How large are your large files exactly?

Size should be limited by the available Java HeapSpace for the IntegrationServer.

Can you describe the issues you encountered in detail please?

Please provide the error messages if there are any.


Thanks for the reply.
The file size is hardly 5-6 MB to retrieve from the folder there was an performance issue. I will let you know the exact issue.

Regarding the fix you mentioned do we get the fix detail in IS about page.

HI Sandy,

unfortunately the fix is only visible in UpdateManager (“List installed Fixes”) or by investigating the installation directory for the history of installed fixes.

Files of 5-6MB should not be that problematic, but anything bigger than 50MB wiil become problematic sooner or later.
This depends on the infrastructure of your environment.