SFTP COnnection failure

Hi All,

I am using webMethods 9.9 with core Fix 6. I have created SFTP server alias and user alias to connect SFTP server using password.

When i am doing connectivity test it is failing with error ‘[ISS.0147.9011] Test of SFTP user alias test failed. Details: Auth fail’

At the same time when i am doing SFTP connectivity over unix command prompt using same login details it is getting success.

On same server i have other partners with successful connectivity. But this one partner is not able to get the connection.

What could be the reason. Is any specific setting need to be done.

Hi Uday,

please apply SCG_9.9_TPL_Fix1 which contains iTrac PIE-38019 and try again.
This willl update the JCraft SecureChannel library which is used by the SFTP connectivity.

Additionally you should upgrade at least to IS_9.9_Core_Fix15 (latest is IS_9.9_Core_Fix16), which has several issues solved with SFTP connectivity from Fix7 up to Fix15.