Sevice/Thread hung

Hello Techies,

If any Service/Thread hangs on IS, and if cancel/kill does not help, is server restart only possible way to eliminate hanging?

we don’t want to restart IS(Prod especially), will Package reload(May be not recommended and I have not tried it so far) help in this situation or any other solution is there?

[wM IS 8.2]

Thanks in advance.

Yes if the service/thread hangs (based on the Service Usage page () counts unless some thing wrong with the service errors restarting the IS is the only option…I hear you its a production so you have to manage it and setup a down time window after hours or weekend (unless the issue is not very critical and no impact to the interface side stake holders)

Also its a good idea to trouble shoot why the stale threads hung and try not to happen in the future…



A: IMHO, Yes.


As I mentioned earlier, Restart IS is the only work around :frowning:

If cancel/kill thread feature does not help you in wM 8.2 and up, the best solution is to restart your IS. Since it is a prod server I recommend you to restart the IS during out of business hours. And also check why the IS services/threads goes to hanging state.

Let me know if you have questions.

In this case how can we notify the users if the IS thread hangs scenario?

Do you have any WmRoot service call that can help in this situation to build some utility service?


What is your wM version? I assume there is some internal OOTB services but I need to check based on your version.