Setting up new environment on AIX

I’ve been asked to set up a new Training environment as a copy of the UAT environment so that training and testing don’t step on each other’s toes.

I’ve created new qt directories as copies of all the existing qa ones I can find and copied the contents
I’ve changed the database number in the qt directories from 209 to 210 everywhere I can find it. Whether it is part of the name or with the file

When I try to start the new database I get

%ADASET-W-INVDBID, database 210 not known on node mantis
(mantis is the server name)

It’s 8 year since we set up the original environments with the help of sag, so I’m a bit rusty about what to do

Is there some master table of databases on the server that I need to add 210 to?
Are there any other things that I need to consider or be aware of?

what version are you running? what did you do to “copy the contents”? Did you copy the file containers with Unix commands? Or did you do a database restore using adabck?

I know the feeling, Ian. I’m on the Windows platform these days and my Unix memories are a bit hazy, too.

You can’t simply copy all the Adabas container files. You need to let Adabas know that the database exists. I can’t recall if it’s identical for Linux, but for Windows there’s an ADABAS.INI file which contain a reference to a db###.INI for each database.

You need to copy the contents by restoring the database 209 to 210 with the utility function
(your container files will have to have been formatted previously with ADAFMT and that will need an assign.bsh to set up the container assignments, in addition to creating the ADABAS.INI entry and db###.ini file)

Thanks for the help. It was the entry in ADABAS.INI that I was missing. I don’t know if there was a step that I should have done which would have added it automatically, but I edited the file manually and now everything works.

For reference the file was in /opt/softwareag/ada/etc on my installation

Thanks for your help

The “copy everything” method works, but, as Douglas pointed out, the recommended method is to use Adabas utilities to create a new instance and restore a backup into it.