Import/restore/open an existing database into Adabas

I was able to download the Adabas community edition (AMN823_ADA642-Community-Edition-With-F3), install, configure, and run the Adabas Manager 8.2, so I can finally see the demo database (#149), but now I’m trying to open an existing Adabas database from another system. I have the Windows files (*.bin, *.pnt, *.ddm, *.fdt), but do I copy them into a partcular Windows folder, or use a feature somehow to bring those databases in and online? I also saw documented the %ADADATADIR% variable, that I assume would contain a path to where Adabas stores databases on the hard disk, but that variable isn’t defined in my environment, and I can’t even find where it’s physically storing the 149 database. Please help!

ADABAS CE sees only local databases.

  • Use Adabas Manager to create a new database.
  • Use utility ADABCK DUMP (or ADAORD EXPORT) to create a backup of an existing database.
  • Use ADABCK RESTORE (or ADAORD IMPORT) to restore the backup into the new database.
  • You might need to expand the demo database to fit the backup.
  • The Community Edition imposes a database size limit, so your existing databases might be too large.

Adabas Manager should then see the new database.

To find where the database components reside, perform a Windows file search for ASSO1.149, DATA1.149, and DB149.INI.