Manual or documentation for used the Adabas on UNIX


I install the adabas for test, but I didn’t find the next step in the manual about create database, startup automatic and anothed tips.

My installation was sucess (./setup.ux) but I need more information. The documentation in site of SAG is very poor…

Are there any help or step_by_step…? I am a new user for Adabas (raw).


There is a section at the end of the installation documentation:

Verifying the Installation

If you created a demo Adabas database during the installation, change the working directory to $ADADIR/db, where is the database number.
If not, you should first generate a database using the procedure dbgen.

Start the Adabas nucleus either by using the DBA Workbench or by using the script adanuc.bsh.

You can verify that the nucleus is now online by, for example, running the ADABAS report utility adarep as follows:

adarep db=
If the installation was successful, the utility will respond in a way similar to the following:

%ADAREP-I-STARTED, 23-OCT-2001 14:12:39, Version 3.2.1
%ADAREP-I-DBON, database accessed online
Shut down the nucleus by entering the following:

adaopr db= shutdown

Additionally, you might read up the Extended Operation section