Adabas coding reference manual

I am new to Adabas and I am eagerly looking for a reference / manual which will help me in understanding the Adabas database.

Please have a look at the Adabas documentation that you can find in the drop down menu under Forum at the top of the page.
There I recommend the Concepts and Facilities book for a start.

I had a look into that Concept and Facilities. That is of high level. Could you please me with a basic training material. I need to study Adabas.

There is the possibility to book a training course for Adabas which may suit your needs.

Apart from that if you are interested in more detail it depends on where your focus is.

You could dive deeper with

  • the Command reference for applications programming (what programming language: Natural, Cobol, Assembler) or
  • the Utilities Manual for Database Administration

Are there any people within your shop that could answer any questions you might have while reading through the concepts and facilities manual?

If not, Marbod’s suggestions should be considered.
If there are no people familiar with Adabas, an Adabas class for all people who will be working with Adabas should be considered.

Are you mainly interested in Adabas as an accompanying topic for learning Natural? Will you be coding Adabas Direct Calls? (say from Cobol). Will you be functioning in a DBA group?

If it is still available I can recommend the book ‘Inside ADABAS’ published by WH&O International.
It’s available here: Inside ADABAS (1990 edition) | Open Library
and you might get lucky searching on
Good luck.