Beginner for ADABAS on Mainframes


I have recently joined this group to seek expertise and guidance from all of you.I am about to start with a project in ADABAS in near future so wanted a material for ADABAS beginners to start with on mainframe platforms.

Hi Mehul,

Welcome to the Software AG Community!

It is not clear to me whether your role on this ADABAS project is one of being a programmer using Natural to access ADABAS data or that of a database administrator or something yet completely different. Certainly the kinds of information you will need to have to begin will vary depending on that role.

I recommend reviewing the product documentation set, whether it be Natural or Adabas, focusing on the concepts and facilities at this point. I assume your new employer will ensure that you will be given appropriate training if prior experience with the technology was not a requirement for obtaining the position. I am familiar with one particular Indian consultancy who has a hands-on course for new hires in lieu of having vendor-provided training readily available. Regardless, education is a key to success.

Once you have utilized these opportunities, this community will be more than happy to assist you with your questions and provide appropriate guidance, but we cannot be a substitution for education, as it would not do it justice.

Hi Brian,

That’s a real good headstart for me…You talked about a consultancy providing hands on the same…great if you can provide with the contact details…


“Go Green”

Hi Mehul,

Have you started your new position yet? As for contact details that would vary depending on who your new employer is and where you are located (and perhaps even which client you will be working for).

Until you begin, I recommend the following documentation manuals to bring yourself up to speed: (everything under “Getting Started”)

Hope this helps!