How to start with ADABAS and Natural ?

Hi All,

I am required to take up skills in Natural and ADABAS on mainframes in the current project . I tried to google for tutorials and found scattered information in bits and pieces .

Can any of you please provide the start point to study working knowledge of this combination ?


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I wonder if the end client knows they have someone allocated to their project that knows nothing about the language :roll:

Thanks , Wolfgang ! I appreciate you input .

@Gills , As of now we are building up capability for this skills which we can take up for future projects in the bid !


It is understood that sometimes IT service providers need to build capabilities if they desire to sign on a client who requires certain skills in much the same way companies need to build such capabilities in-house when moving to new or different technology. However, what Giles said speaks to the fact that sometimes such service providers claim to have certain capabilities even if that’s not factually true.

My hope is that your new employer has a path already for you to learn these skills if they are hiring freshers or professionals who do not have such skills already to provide these services. This can be formal training from the vendor or an in-house course you will go through when you begin employment based on the knowledge gained from other professionals or education services.

If your employer didn’t require you to have such skills to be hired, it is their responsibility to provide such training to have you become enabled to function in the role you will perform. Honesty in both the employee-employer contract and the service provider-client contract is key to being successful.

In the Natural documentation, under Installation and Getting Started, are two sections that will help you: First Steps and Using Natural.

If you have a bit of money to spend, look for materials published by WH&O International (WHO Books). I believe that they are out of print, but you might find copies via the Internet.