Setting the Conversation ID


I have a requirement to set the Conversation ID of an inbound UNEDIFact Message.

Our Partner needs to search the TN (using the webManager) for a particular attribute (Order Number). I know that they can search by Conversation ID or Document ID (not User Status).

So, I want my processing rule to call a service that parses the EDIFact message, extracts the Order Number and places it in the ConversationID for that message. I know of the changeUserStatus service, but I can’t find a changeConversationID service. Is there any way I could log this attribute somewhere that is searchable by the webMethods TN webManager 4.6?


In the IS admin console of Management/WmEDIforTN package click on home section there is an option called “Instance ID Queries” using this you can manage setting custom TN DocumentId/ConversationID’s that will extract from EDI documents for example in X12 ST/BEG/BEG03,for UNEDIFACT its from UNH elements.So the Ordernumber will be mapped to TN DocID or convid.

For more information check the EDITN Userguide.



Thanks for you help, I am following the user guide, but I am having problems with setting this instance query:

In the Admin Consoled for WmEDIforTN, I picked:
Doc Type: UNEDIFACT 97A Orders
Query: UNH/BGM/BGM02/C10601 —> Copied from Record NS

The value exists in the message, but when I resubmit the message, the TN shows the following error:
Error in EDITransactionDocType: UNEDIFACT 97A ORDERS. [EDIFTN.000010.000102] - java.lang.NullPointerException

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

The Error shows that TN could not able to extract the data which was specified in the Query and throwing the null exception.

Are you sure the UNEDIFACT document has data in (UNH/BGM/BGM02/C10601)element before pushing that to TN?Please make sure this.

At this point i don’t have any other ideas regarding the error you are getting.


Yes, it’s strange. The Query works in our Dev environment (Unix with our TN in Oracle), but causes the error in the webMethods Partner Server (Windows 2000 with a CloudScape TN) where I want the query.

The only difference I can see is TNS_4-6_FIX_1 in our Dev Environment.

Could it be a CloudScape limitation?

Is there any alternative method, i.e. a service which could change the ConversationID (like setAttribute)?

I found the problem. It was related to courrupt templates. The java.lang.NullPointerException was because webMethods was unable to load the document template.

I re-installed the EDIFact templates and restarted the server. My Instance ID Queries work now!

Thanks RMG for pointing out the Instance ID Query Configuration for EDI.

client is sending PO number in RFF segment for DELJIT EDIFACT
in my case PO # = RFF01/C50602 when RFF01/C50601 =“ON”

I tried this query UNH/RFF[RFF01/C50601/text()=“ON”]/RFF01/C50602
but TN failed to extract conversation id

Is my query wrong ?
Webmethods is running on 6.0.1 version