Setting danish characters as key to lookuptable and map them to values


I am trying to use pub.string:lookupTable to map some key and values.

I have Danish chars inside Key values and it does not match them.

Can anyone help to achieve this problem ?

Below is sample of key values .

key=“STÅLKAR” value=“AAA”
key=“Juletræer” value=“BBB”
key=“JULETRÆ” value=“CCC”
key=“Rød” value=“DDD”

Hi @mft ,
Can share the exact input you provide to the pub.string:lookUpTable service , for the input lookupTable and other inputs if any? I tried with input lookupTable as Ø O and passed key as Ø, I see the value O in the results.
You can add a screenshot with a sample input if it helps clarify the problem.

Also please mention the version and fix of the Integration Server you are working with.


Hi Nagendra,

Thank you for your answer, found the solution.

It was about edifact encoding problem. I change encoding to UTF-8 and everything works fine now.

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