Unit testing. Errors with danish characters in PDA


I am trying to create unit tests in Natural One for some Natural subprograms. These programs uses PDA’s which contains the danish characters æøå. Whenever i try to to use the unit testing functionality of Natural One I am presented with a error indicating problems with the danish characters. An example of the error is found in the attached picture. I have so fare been unable to find a solution. Has anyone encountered similar problems? And has anyone found a solution for this issue?

This is a known issue that R&D is currently working on.
I’ll keep you posted Chris !


Hi Chris
R&D has now fixed this issue, so now ÆØÅ all work in unit test.

  • or more precisely: ÆØÅ are now part of the IDL-file grammar, so it will also work for EntireX RPC in general.
    – that is… as long as you don’t generate a client/server interface that doesn’t accepts ÆØÅ in variable names :wink:

I am told the solution will be available in next EXX-fix (no date announced yet)