set a name to doc

hi all,
I just want to use the trial method “setDocname” of TXMLObject. But I don’t have any idea, why it does not work. After setting the docname, the variable “docname” of tObject is ="". After inserting the tObject, this file has the ino:id as docname.
Hier is a snapshot of my code:

File xmlFile = new File(path);
TXMLObject tObject = TXMLObject.newInstance(xmlFile);
TResponse response=accessor.insert(tObject);

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Could I have the complete code along with the code that proves that the docname returned is inoId.

I ask this because, this works absolutely fine on my side.

I would also like to have the version of TaminoAPI4J that you are using. Probably all the information in the file in the TaminoAPI4J.jar would be sufficient

sorry for late response.
The problem is that, the docname is not displayed by debugging in eclipse. But it works. The docname exists in the document in the database.
Thank you very much.