how to store with name??

This might be silly question, but how can I store my xml-docs with their name and not by that ino:id?

When I store pictures with that schema wich founds from these forums, I can see their names.
Allthou when I try to store pictures via interactive interface they go to the ino:etc without names, even if I define in interactive interface that collection is the one where pictures are?

Someone please??

To store a document with a docname using the Tamino Interactive Interface, put the complete URL of the document (http://machine/tamino/database/collection/doctype/docname) into the “Database URL” field, and leave the Collection field blank. Browse to your document source using the Process/Browse button and hit Process.

That also works with pictures, but not with xml-docs…
I have pictures in own collection with own schema, and xml-docs in it’s own.
Is there something that you have to include in schema or something?
When I added documents with that way you told me, X-Plorer still shows XML-docs with ino:id, but pictures and for example word docs with their names…


No X-Plorer doesn’t show the document name (as far as I could see) for xml documents. If you query (say using TII) for the stored xml documents you will see that there should be an ino:docname attribute on each of the root elements for each of the resulting documents.