Session timeout: configuring options?


In my CAF application several pages are showing different behavior in terms of session timeout handling:
* some of them are throwing the user directly to the wm_login portlet
* some of them are showing the blue “Your session has expired. Please login again.” hint at the very top of the page

Where can this behavior be configured?

My application’s web.xml does not include the ‘session-timeout’ option, so it’s the portal session where the timeout occurs.

I should mention that the following fixes are applied:

Thanks a lot!


Hi Wolf,

Session timeout is managed by the Servlet Engine (Jetty), and is specified by the standard mechanism for J2EE War applications. Specifically, that means configuring the session-timeout node in the web.xml file. There’s a very nice discription of the web.xml file here.

So, if you wanted to change the session timeout for the Portal you would:

* Open up the $PORTAL_HOME/server/default/deploy/portal.war/WEB-INF/web.xml
* Change the <session> value (in minutes) from 30 to 60 like below.


Then restart the Portal.

Hope this helps,

Hi Wolf,

In addition to Thomas’s post, there is another setting to control the portlet session time out.