Can I change the timeout variable in ServletSessionContext f

My application always gives the 003 time out Exception.

So I think it might be useful to set the timeout variable to a longer period.
When I examined the source code I have seen the sessionContext.lock(5000) line in ServletSessionContext java file.
Can I set this period to a longer time like 15000?
Why is this 5000 hardcoded? can it be a variable in web.xml file?

X-Application Version: 3.1.3, 3.1.2, 3.1.1
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : NT, Win2k, Solaris, …
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1

5000 is the time (in milisecond) a request will wait if there is a previous request from the same user still processing. For example, if click on a link and - before processing of the resulting page has finished - click again (on the same link or on some other link).

Do you think its useful to configure this setting?


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I think it will be useful because when the server is too busy the responses take more time.
I would like to change this value.
Can you also help me about the other questions I have posted please?

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to configure the max number for user sessions the server will accept? This way, one could reject a user if there are too may of the. This sees more accurate that having request fail in the middle of a user session.

I’m a little reluctant to add a setting for the 5000 constant because I wouldn’t know how I would use it and how I would like to see it used. Plus: web.xml becomes more complex.


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

if you want to change the default client session timeout of your web application check the Topic:Tip: How to set the client session timeout

Regards, Harald