Service "pub.client.ftp:login" -> Unable to make Explicit FTP over TLS

We cannot reach an FTP Destination (Explicit FTP over TLS required) via webMethods 10.3. We have unlock the destination address in the firewall and proxy server. Even we have installed tools like WInSCP or FileZilla on the server to test the connection. For both Filezilla and WInSCP it works.

I use the following service to login → pub.client.ftp:login. I contacted the support of SAG, unfortunately I got the following answer:

Integration BIS stands for Integration Server Built In Services Reference.

Please refer to the page 110 of the document on the link below.

There  is a Note says "Integration Server does not support FTPS (FTP over SSL) requests through FTP proxy."

Unfortunately, the answer is incomprehensible to me. FTP over SSL or FTP over TLS has become RFC-Standard. How do you do it? How do you connect? There must be a way. However, I find it interesting that the service “pub.client.ftp:login” contains all secure input parameters (None, TLS, TLS-P, SSL).
Only with the difference not to use it:-). Unbelievable

Hi Iftikhar,

can you share your proxy config from IS Admin UI?

Please provide a screenshot of the inputs mapping of your pub.client.ftp:login service invocation.

I think, that IS does not allow defining a proxy for FTPS, only for HTTP, HTTPS and simple FTP.
Please check in the IS Administrators Guide.

You can open a feature request in Brainstorm, if this is really needed.

On the other side you can check with your Partner if they might allow SFTP (FTP over SSH).


According webMethods’ document, FTPS is supported by webMethods, only if not go through a FTP proxy.

What specific error do you have when try to login?

Could you try a SOCKS proxy instead of FTP proxy?

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Unfortunately we need the proxy to go outside. I have already tests with other proxy alias (HTTPS_CLOUD_AG, HTTP_CLOUD_AG and FTP_CLOUD_AG → See Attachment) and even with SOCKS proxy. We got always this error:

[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: Connection timed out: connect

I also suspect that the service “pub.client.ftp:login” ignores the following ProxyAlias → HTTPS_CLOUD_AG, HTTP_CLOUD_AG, SOCKS. You can test it yourself, here is an example

Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
Logon Type: Normal
User: secure
Password: secure