Service monitoring in MWS - shows Activity instead of completed

Hi Everyone,

Need your help to resolve this issue.

I have enabled audit logging for my flow service. But in MWS [Integration–> services], it is showing “Activity” sometime, and other time showing as “Completed”

Environment: 7.1.2

Please advise how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.!

Whenever the status is “Activity”, the service might be running,and when the status is “completed”, the service is ran or process is complete.

When the status is “Activity” log into IS Admin console and go to “Service Usage” and check the box “Show running services on top”. Your service should be listed as running, when the status is “Activity”

The service execution already completed. If i open the service instance details, it is showing inside completed state. But main page it is showing as “Activity”


Picking up this old thread. We have the exact same issue with incorrect status “Activity” on the main search page. Detailed page however shows correct status “Completed” (or “Failed”). Did you manage to resolve the problem?

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I see all the child services have “activity” status and the parent has completed/failed.

Is n’t that normal?