Service Frameworks / Patterns

Has anybody come across Service Frameworks or Patterns that can be re-used? For example, simply “exposing” a service provided by a 3rd party via a connector may not be the best approach - how do you “wrap” value-added functionality such as schema validation, error-handling, retry-logic, logging, etc. around a service by simply instantiating framework components rather than re-inventing the wheel everytime?

Think Struts or Spring for J2EE apps…



I’m not quite sure where you’re heading with your question.

Creating a wrapper/framework around your services is certainly a valid thing to do. Depending on the nature of your integration design/architecture you can create some common wrappers, validation services, retry logic etc.

You can also create a document envolope following various “message transformation” patterns (check EAI patterns) to wrap your various data/document as payload to the envelope. The info in canonical doc will define your “docType” and all other information which you can use to lookup into your “repository” (where you store a bunch of information of which service to run etc related to the document). The information then can be used to execute your various wrapper by passing them as input to your wrapper services.

Or if you want to be more “fancy”; you can use some webMethods Java API, create some bean to interact with your IS services. The bean shall be reusable from your Spring or Struts or what have you.


The obvious “frameworks” provided out of the box are Trading Networks and Modeler/PRT. They both provide mechanisms for all the features you mentioned.