Server > Service Usage

We are using webMethods IS:
Product webMethods Integration Server

May we know what will be the setup if we will monitor the flow service or web services hits?

Is it saved in database table also?

We are currently looking in here: Server > Service Usage

These details might be in-memory (internal) (might be in IS core audit), to get these details via service use “wm.server.query:getServiceStats”

To make this service viewable in Designer add the below IS extended setting and refersh the Designer console.


Also, there are other tools/utilities available like WmRichStatistics and few others (do not remember the names now) but you can find them on this forum.

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Thank You Mahesh,

Your reply is working.

We cannot still find the location of the file or db table.

Setup in Logging shows:
Logger Name Enabled Mode Guaranteed Destination
Service Logger Yes Synchronous No File

It says it is save in File, when I checked logs found out that the log with WMSERVICE* contains logs within Logs>Service

The result when running wm.server.query:getAllServiceStats

option: cached
optionMsg: Show Cached Services Only

is there a way where can locate cached data or is it stored only in memory?

Hi Brian,

this data is only stored in memory.
If you have doubts regarding the correctness of the cached data you should set the cache expiration to a shorter period so that the data will be updated more frequently.


Thank you Holger,

Do you mean to change the properties of every flow service in Runtime>Cache Expire?

Currently the settings is 15.

By storing the Service Usage information in memory, is this the best practice for webMethods IS to have a better performance?


Service Usage data should either be stored in ISCoreAudit database or in a log file.

Only the cached data is stored in memory and will be removed after cache expiration has elapsed.
15 minutes cache expiration sounds reasonable.

Additionally to the cache expiration the cache will be cleared and reinitialised during IntegrationServer startup as the cached data (input/output) is stored in the JVM Heap memory.