Server monitoring


Could someone tell me what are all the data’s or parameters needs to be verified when it comes to server monitoring.?

For example:
available threads,
Service instances.
Service errors

Thank you

Yes all the above are valid checks…also include the error logs into your list.

Apart from the above is the framework for error handling is in place part of the interface monitoring?


Thank you so much for your reply. Currently i am creating a service which will take care of above parameters and send an alert mail when the parameters reaches threshold limit.

I am not sure about interface monitorig…


Hi Mohan,

It would be great if you add, the status checking of adapter connections, schedulers, ports and enabling/loading status of the packages to your monitoring framework.

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reddy.T

OK then for monitoring you should include these things.

any adapter connetions/listeners and Broker queues,IS Scheduler jobs, Interfaces error handling etc…

Just a side not…You may also consider having BAM (Optimize FI) setup in your environment for monitoring whole server’s (health check)


may i know is it possible to see IS status through graph in MWS??if possible let me know how i can do…??i also need to monitor Adapters and have to show in graph about adapter status…please help me regarding this.

thanks in advance

If you want to see/view Graphs/KPI’s and all you need to use BAM (Optimize for Infrastructure) component for IS which is part of MWS screens:

Check this info and this is what you need instead of customizing monitoring solutions/reinventing wheel:


thanks for your quick replay.i am checking that one.and i have one more dought.have u idea about Continuous query application in Designer.their i need to write EQL(event query language) for finding difference between two datetime
[SIZE=2] (2013-06-01T20:30:00.000Z)-(2013-06-01T18:30:00.000Z).but teir is no direct operator in EQL like DATEDIFF in SQL.please any body help me if u have idea how to write EQL to get required result.

thanks in Advance

nope…will check it…also can’t you use/invoke PSUtiliities datetime diff service that can work for you?

thanks for your replay rmg…
datetime difference not working on’s bit different when compare with SQL.And please let me know is their any inbulit service to know abt server status continuously…??.some one told Ping service helpful for it.Have u idea about it??please let me know about it.

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