Server Log to mail

There are server log entries that antecipate critical errors like:

[72]2005-04-21 14:07:26 BST [ISS.0095.0003C] AuditLogManager Runtime Exception: :[BAA.0000.0047] Warning: Pending audit events 100303 is 100% of threshold 100000. processing log entry .

How can I configure IS to receive this items by e-mail ?

I already have “Internal Email” configured but I don�t receive server log entries.

This is very critical for administration people.




try this:


I said that I already have defined Internal Email that is the same as your suggestion.

I also have tried Event Manager but there is no event for server entries.

But thanks anyway.

I asked this same question on another forum and got ne replies. wm support tells me there is no api that I can build into a flow to monitor the size of the audit log temp store and they new of no good way to trigger an email when the message referenced shows up in the server log. Not good responses from my point of view. I had our ops guys write a script to monitor the number of files in the audit log temp data directory and page if it grows above the standard one. We’ll see how that works.