How does IS filters error logs and sends email via smtp. Which internal service?

Hi All,

I want to get alerted when there are some specific critical errors in the error log.

I am aware that we can configure IS so that it can email us any critical error in IS error log. The problem with it is that we cannot customize it. So, I tried to write a Java utility that will pull the errors from DB and then alert us.

The issue is that due to lot of errors (mostly service errors…dont give a damn) the DB is not getting updated from the temporary store (/audit), usually DB is lagging almost 12 hours behind and is therefore too late. But the IS displays the error logs and alerts (as it is reading from temporary store…I guess).

So, I want to know the “internal” service that IS is using that I can use and configure it to alert on selective error messages.


Correction, it turns out that webMethods is storing the logs in EST. So, DB is not lagging. We were fetching the results in AEST. But still good to know the IS Service, anyone?

Another thing if you want realtime Internal/service alerts you can set any email or any DL here

ISAdming page

Settings > Logging–>

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[TD=“class: heading, colspan: 3”]Email Notification[/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrow”]SMTP Server[/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrowdata-l, colspan: 2”]
[TD=“class: evenrow”]Internal Email :[/TD]
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[TD=“class: oddrow”]Service Email:[/TD]
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Did you try this options or works in for your case?



I am aware of this configuration and it works. As described in the post, you cannot be selective based on the error messages as it emails all of them. We want alerting to work only on selective few and hence was after “internal” service, most likely in “WmRoot” that IS is itself using to fetch error and email.

OK as long it works for you…if you know what services you are dealing with WmRoot thats fine…at your own risk:


Are you aware of Event Manager Function? You can find it Tools> Event Manager in developer. U can subscribe to any event. For you exception event and filter it only for critical which will notify you. Here you need to create service for notification

You made a good point…Event Manager is not a bad option managing with these kind of alerts/notifications.

Thanks Mohan, it makes sense, I will explore this avenue.

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