Event Manager

hi, i’m building a secondary app (for logging) and i’m listening to Audit/Error/Alarm info messages from integration server using Event Manager.
Seems to be working somewhat, my goal is to basically replicate how the server.log looks, so every message goes to the server.log will go to my event handler.

my loglevel = info.

specifically, we have a lot of services using pub.flow:debugLog that are successfully writing to the server log, but none of the entries are being picked up by the event manager. whenever we execute debugLog we do not specify a level, so the default would be “Fatal” . the output in the server.log is
2012-05-16 16:13:11 EDT [ISP.0090.0003C] whatever…some message

i setup event handlers for audit, error, exception, journal and alarm.

anyone have any thoughts on this?

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