Server log file not getting rollover

Hi Experts,

Offlate I have got into a problem where IS server log is not getting rollover at the end of the day (wm version 7.1.2). Initially the entires were getting lost, hence we install SCG_Core_Fix_2 to fix the issue so whenever the log failover is failing the logs are not being lost now but its being written to same log file.

Rotation action is set properly as “rename”.


Changed the logging of log rotation program but has not got any informative input from there, please suggest if you guys have any clue or faces similar problems.


Uhmm take a look to (Maybe get readme for 7.1.2 but I think it is the same).

Here you can see watt.server.logRotate is deprecated and not used.
Also notice:

No idea what is the replacement for logRotate, interesting to know the answer :smiley:

yes, infact to fix was release to reslove the log lost problem

This fix addresses the following issue:
Trax 1-X4VS7; Log file rotation failure results in loss of ‘server.log’


and that interesting to see, that in 8.x these properties are depreciated
:expressionless: so me too curious to know what they have introduced to handle the log rollover mechanism.

Moreover: I can’t able to figure why failover is faling, can’t see anything on server log at midnight (rollover time).


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