Server Log Access

Is there any way to allow a developer access to the server logs through the Admin console without giving the developer full Admin rights to the Integration Server? The only other alternative I see is giving the developer access writes to the directory on the server.


Never mind. Found this on the Advantage site… It worked fine.

Selective Access to Admin Page [Closed Service Request Summary]
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Last Updated: 13-Apr-2005

Customer Description
I would like to know what would be the procedure to give a limited access to Admin Page…So that particular users would be able to view only logs(server/error/audit/session…)

I am aware that .access files and certain dsps need to be modified.But,want to make sure.

webMethods Closure Summary
The customer used a webMethods tool to acheive what she wanted to do. (I am not sure which tool this is)

Alternatively -
There are 3 main steps involed in achieving this:

  1. For each dsp page you would like to give access to - find each service which is invoked from it. You can do this by opening the dsp in a text editor and searching for the work “invoke.” For each of these services, you need to change the execute ACL to the ACL you wish to give access. The dsp pages are located in the /packages/WmRoot/pub directory.

  2. In the <isroot>/config/aclmap_sm.cnf file update the ACL for each of the services.

  3. For each dsp page that you would like to give access to, you need to create an entry in the .access file which has the dsp name [space] ACL name. Ex: “ABC.dsp Developers”

IMPORTANT!!! - Please make a list of each service, what the acl used to be, and what you changed it to. Also, backup the .access file and the aclmap_sm.cnf