Server issue while connecting from developer or designer


We are currently working on webmethods 8.2 developer/designer. We are frequently facing an issue with server which is attached.Please provide an optimal solution to over come the issue.



This error is not related to the developer console but it is related to your flow service [searchCustomerDetails], can you check your service and also check the logs.

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your response,

I just want to explain the scenario am facing,

Daily i used to login developer or designer , it works fine for sometime .But, later when i try to save the stuffs am getting the mentioned error .Am facing this not only for that particular service , it is for all the services.

My IS is also Up during that time .


Do your colleagues face the same issue or its just you?

Can you share the error logs?

Everyone facing the same issue and also error logger is empty(no error has been identified)

Strange :slight_smile:

What is your IS port?

Did you restart the IS? What are your core fix levels?