Server directly going to admin page without asking for user authentication


I am the admin of my server. When i am typing the URL in the iexplorer. It is directly going to the admin page. earlier it use to prompt for user id and password but now it is not doing so. What could be the reason for this and how to correct this problem. Please suggest.


Punit Kumar

Could this possible be because you clicked the browser ok button to save your username and password? The soluton to this will be different based off of your browser.

If you are using I.E. 6,7, or 8 Navigate to Tools->Internet Options->Delete and make sure passwords are checked.
Check here: for firefox.

No this is not the issue with the server. I CHECKED THIS AND THIS IS FINE.the issue is when i type http:// localhost:5555 it directly goes to admin home and this is happening for all the user. like any other internet page it is just opening in the browser. In normal scenario if you type http://localhost:5555 press enter it prompts for user id and password. If you have asked your browser to remeber it both user id and password appears in the user authentication window and then you need to press enter to get the Admin main page. But this is not happening here. I am getting the page just after typing the url in the browser. even after login of , if i wish to go back it is not asking for uid and pwd.

Sounds like the acl file in wmroot/pub is missing. Check another IS installation and copy over the file.

Could you please let me know the file name?

I’m not sure. I don’t have [STRIKE]read[/STRIKE] ready access to an IS instance at the moment. But look for an acl file in the wmroot/pub directory.

If I could add something could help. I saw three files in my local installation of IS that were named acl-addremove, acl-assign, and acl -precedence. Could either one of these files be the correct one?


Thanks for the information. I checked it and it just mere dsp pages. I dont think its of much help. Here is the list of services i used in the past for the preventing the developer write access. I am sure they have not caused any problem yet i need clarification on this

Full logic and their intentions

wm.server.xidl.adminui:getInterfacesPlus - list all the parent folders
wm.server.ns:getACLInfo - get all the ACL related information for the given folder.
wm.server.ns:setACLInfo - reset the desired ACL value.
With above given services ,

Your help to sort out this problem without suggesting a re installation will be valuable. I do not have r&D environment otherwise i could have done it.

As you may know, DSP access is controlled via an ACL file stored in the same directory as the DSP files. I’m only speculating that the ACL file in your case is missing. I’ll be able to find out the name of the file on Monday.

I assume Rob is actually referring to a .access file. These too control access to DSPs.

Yes, it is indeed the .access file.

If this is the issue, then it sounds like someone may have edited the file to allow anonymous access to everything instead of specifying a group (like Administrators).

I got the solution for this. Some one had ran the service allowByDefault in wmRoot. Now we have re ran the service denyByDefault has fixed the issue.

Thanks for the info Punit Kumar!

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