Sequelink: Problem starting service

Hi all,

We have more installation of WM + TN + BI one for each different environment (Dev/PreProd/Prod). Of course each environment has it’s own DB instances / sequelink.

Migrating DB preprod to another server we experience a problem when starting one of the sequelink services (we have 2 services to connect with TN/BI repo).

Sequelink logs reported:

[SequeLink error 3151] Failed to start the specified SequeLink service.

Mon Oct 6 18:15:06 2003:SequeLink for Oracle. Build 0062
Mon Oct 6 18:15:06 2003:exs005(2 CPU) - SunOS(5.8-Generic_108528-09)
Mon Oct 6 18:15:06 2003:Internal error, failed to initialise the event trace component

SlAgent and SLTN services are running just fine…

Any ideea of what this error means?

Thank you.