Internal error 155, INODSF1251


I have got some databases defined in Tamino. I checked all “autostart” property to “yes”. After, that I restart computer. Unfortunately, six databases are not started. So I tried to start it manually. Unfortunately, two of six databases have not started. In Tamino Manager, I got the following fatal error:

Internal error 155 occurred, INODSF1251

Documentatios says:


Internal error location occurred

An internal error has caused the server to stop.

Please contact your software supplier. Restart the server.

What can I do to start Tamino databases?
What did it cause appearing these fatal errors?

In advance, thanks.

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann

hello dariusz,

please report this to your support center, there is a fix available.
also, in ServLine24 you can find instructions on how to start your databases.

best regards,
andreas f.

I installed patch Ts41109.exe :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed the problem case, so I still could not start my two databases. :mad:

What can I do ?

In advance, thanks!

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann